for Awe-Inspiring Moments

that Heighten Your Consciousness

While Stoned

You know the feeling.


Everything slows, that weight you carry dissipates, and your body is almost gently levitating with slow, warm moves from one place to nowhere in particular. You concentrate on fewer things, but you dig deeper. The world dims as your awareness heightens and you access a different plane of understanding. You’re now at the center of your own little world in which you can safely contemplate, laugh, and just be.


It's for these precious moments of heightened perception that I, YOUR NAME HERE, designed the Look When High book – to help you enjoy the fascination-enhancing effects of cannabis. Intricate art that works much like a Rorschach test to let you conjure images from your subconscious.


Settle down, grab some buds, and enjoy trippy hallucinations as your inner world surfaces into spiritual symbols, mandalas, animal shapes, and objects from within the intricate pattern of the artwork. Never the same, ever evolving.


Light one up, relax, and let your stress melt away.


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3D Stoner Art Book to Expand Imagination,

Train Creativity, and Escape the Outside World



The result of 3 years of work, my book is a collection of metamorphosing 3D Art prints that will help you:


  • Have fun! Above all else, the 3D Stoner Art Book is going to make your next smoking session one of the most entertaining ones you’ve ever had. Let yourself get fascinated by the ever-shifting patterns and the blossoming ideas in your head.


  • Fire up your idea-generating side of your creativity: with creative work there inevitably comes a time where you can feel burned out. The 3D Stoner Art Book will help you cruise past those trying times to unlock a treasure chest of brand-new ideas.


  • Dim all distractions and relax. The world around is ever intrusive. Your inner monologue, ever-demanding. The 3D Stoner Art Book will calm every aggression from outside or within to give you some peaceful time to enjoy yourself and just be. You can even use it to meditate.


  • Have a pleasant, paranoia-free trip. The more you keep your mind occupied with fun activities, the less resources will paranoia have to count on.


  • Become a stoner’s favorite person. A great gift idea for any cannabis enthusiast, the 3D Stoner Art Book enhances smoking sessions to heights you’ve almost certainly never experienced before. Turn up some good tunes and get lost in the intricate patterns. Watch them come to life and let them fascinate you.


  • Project your emotions onto the patterns so you can identify them better. It’s not always clear to us what we’re going through as we keep some feelings locked up deep within. The patterns will absorb and present them clearly so you can re-connect with yourself.


  • Encourage vivid dreams. The patterns work long after you’ve closed the book. They fire up your imagination and there’s a good chance you’ll see proof of that once you fall asleep.


Let your subconscious project itself onto the prints, and see it come to life in front of your eyes. The 3D Stoner Art Book will help you calm your inner monologue and stop the outside world from intruding just long enough so you can see deep within. Touch your bottled-up emotions, your unspoken thoughts, and connect the dots to gain a better picture of your inner, often inaccessible, world.


The 3D Stoner Art Book is also great for fun sessions with your friends. As everyone’s journey is unique, you can share your experiences and marvel at the untapped creativity of the people you hold dear.


A natural creativity booster, it will serve as pareidolia phenomenon served the great Leonardo DaVinci, to unlock the full power of your imagination.


Probably the biggest benefit, though, is how calming the 3D Stoner Art Book is. It draws you in by capturing your full attention, fascinating you with shapes, objects, people, scenery, and scenes that seem to grow out of the lines, transforming from one onto the next. This leaves little room for your mind to pay attention to that “monkey voice”, the inner monologue we all struggle with. The worries, the disapproving, judgmental voice inside our heads that’s never satisfied or feeling safe. Block it, and with it block the outside world that’s pressuring you daily.


You’ll have some time to enjoy the endless powers of your imagination, free of doubt and worry. Time to just be and fly even though your feet are still touching the ground.


Grab yourself a copy now. You can “fly” to Mars and back, plus expand your consciousness for less than a week’s worth of coffee.

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